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still funny.

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resident evil 3 x rockwell by m7781

Print for Bottleneck gallery’s upcoming show 8-bit and beyond

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resident evil 3 x rockwell by m7781

Print for Bottleneck gallery’s upcoming show 8-bit and beyond

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Mistress of Fear cosplay made by me(ladyofthedreadfort)

The Scarecrow cosplay made by Connor/Smile-X Villain Co.

Photos by sunnyheadcase

In New Year’s Evil: Scarecrow #1(Mistress of Fear), Becky Albright is a young Gotham University law student who ends up testifying against the Scarecrow after he uses his fear gas in her suburb. Angered by his failed attempts to terrify “Brave Becky”, she ends up becoming the center of his attention when the Scarecrow finally corners her & learns that they have similar fears. Becky is then offered to become Crane’s “Mistress of Fear”…

New Year’s Evil has long been one of my favorite Scarecrow stories, and I always thought it would be cool to do a cosplay of Becky’s Mistress of Fear costume. Obviously mine has a few changes and additions to it, though…;) My gauntlet actually blows out fear gas, pics of that to come…. This is the most hours & work I’ve ever put into a costume. Hope it gives you pleasant dreams! >;)

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  1. Always post the rules

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  1. Guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasure?

  2. Album that you just CAN’T stop listening to at the moment?
    …I honestly haven’t listened to music in a while, does NPR and audio books count?

  3. 2nd favorite anime?
    Ghost In The Shell: SAC

  4. 5th favorite movie?
    If I had to pick a random 5th I’ll say Bladerunner cause I love it but I know it’s not #1.

  5. Least favorite word?

  6. Robots or cyborgs?
    Cyborgs, will of man plus physical augmentation equals superiority.

  7. You’ve read or have written fan-fiction.  Admit it. ADMIT IT NOW!
    I’ve written several, I even have a secret pen name with a tumblr and everything.

  8. Dream wedding or dream funeral?
    Dream wedding, but it would probably be the furthest thing from most people’s idea of a wedding because I hate doing things just because of traditions. (Also I’m assuming I will not be completely present for my own funeral, but I hope it has nothing to do with sadness or guilt any everyone walks away from it inspired and refreshed.) 

  9. List all of your tattoos or planned tattoos.
    In chronological order or getting them: Tree frog, koi fish, superior samurai chicken, the tortilla tree, the dire vuclan, top hatted skull, sack doll, werewolf marionette, wind up chompy teeth shark and a  classy robot.

  10. Tell me a secret.
    I helped get rid of evidence of a crime successfully.

My Questions:

  1. What are your nicknames?
  2. Metropolitan or recluse?
  3. Worst experience on a dating site or craigslist?
  4. Happiest moment in the last 5 years?
  5. Can we play Nintendo together some day?
  6. Internet abbreviation you use the most?
  7. What is your secret talent?
  8. What is your most memorable childhood memory?
  9. Have you ever had a dream, then days later the exact moment of the dream happened?
  10. Please tell me about a fandom I should know about.


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